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Adopt A Lion

Revitalize a Heritage Oak Tree

Save Muny Historical District is committed to saving the many beautiful heritage oak trees scattered throughout Muny in addition to preserving its historic heritage. Muny’s heritage oaks have taken extensive wear and tear for years with minimal resources to aid their recovery. Stressors like old age, hurricanes, winter storms, droughts, floods, and nutrient-stripped soil have taken their toll. We ask that you, our kind supporters, adopt one of our Lions of Muny so we may restore their health! 100% of donations will go toward the care of these trees including much-needed pruning of dead limbs, deep root fertilizing treatments, and compost & mulching. Each of these 10 needy trees will be dedicated to one of the historical figures outlined here, the “Lions of Muny.” When you support one’s restoration, both you and the Lion will be listed on the tree’s signage to reflect our kind community members throughout Muny’s time!

How To Adopt

How To Adopt

We are currently accepting donations through the mail! Please don't hesitate to email for the mailing address and any additional questions you may have. To select a Lion, please refer to our Lions of Muny page where each dedication is explained alongside the work each tree needs. For all checks, please address them to the Save Historic Muny District with the memo "Lion of Muny" and the name of the Lion you have adopted (ex: General Marshall).

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